Rockland Bird Sanctuary

Visit the former house of Lisa Salmon, located 20 km away from Montego Bay in the hills. Lisa moved to the area over 70 years ago and started to feed birds on a daily basis, it took five years for birds to start coming on a regular basis and follow “The Bird Lady” and another few years for Lisa to open the bird sanctuary.

As of now, visitors can observe about 20 varieties of birds and have a unique opportunity to see and feed from their own hands, the national bird of Jamaica, a beautiful emerald green streamer tail widely known as the Hummingbird. Early morning visits are strongly recommended for a better chance of spotting birds.


can be combined with city tour or any other Montego Bay activity by adding $40 per person to the cost.


4 hours.




under 2 y.o. – free, under 12 y.o. – 50%.

Rockland Bird Sanctuary

From: $60.00

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